Wine blog review

The guys from Napa created a digital platform 'I Like This Grape' and share their views concerning topics related to wine culture and its modern trends. Now it’s a dozen of young professional sommeliers, they cover a wide range of topics from wines reviews to wineries to gift ideas, etc.

As they say on a Facebook page:

‘Our mission is to help today’s digitally savvy consumers learn about wine. Think of what we’re doing for wine and sommeliers the same as what Food Network did for food and Chefs. The reason we’re needed is because as cultures intermingle and new populations crave wine, they want education and transparency. We’re the voice that will explain wine clearly and connect it meaningfully to modern culture’.

Most articles are very solid, they contains lots of stuff might be interesting for both professionals and wine lovers. And yet they’re easy to read. It is felt that guys like what they do, the posts have a “personal touch” so you really enjoy reading them. There’s a list of contributors with their backgrounds and links to the posts they have written.

The community is open, they invite anybody to contribute, which to me is a great feature, especially for novice writers.

For now there’s a separate sub-site linked to this blog dedicated to the book about Napa valley AVAs - Drive Through Napa. Basing on its description, it has lots of fairly unknown details about Napa valley wineries and definitely worth paying attention.

The design of the blog is not fancy, but clean and neat. The navigation is understandable but a side menus linking to the list of posts would not harm the readers’ attempts to walk through.

The posts don’t invite to open discussions, you can not  leave comments there. I don’t mean it’s good or bad, to me it’s just authors’ choice.

What I have not found is a contact form and something similar to it. The only way to reach the owners I discovered was an e-mail address on the bottom of list of writers. It actually invites to become a contributor, which as I mentioned above is a great feature.

The blog has accounts in major social networks, but I would not say social activity is its forte. The YouTube account was rather active, offering mostly wine reviews,  but it is not active any more for almost a year. All others play supportive role and fairly passive.


In terms of social accounts resourses I would recommend to arrange opening them on separate pages which will make this inter account navigation easier.

There’s also ‘My account’ feature in main navigation, as I take - it is set for a contributor or a guest to create an account. But it looks like it was left sort of unfinished and could not be used in its present form.  

My general impression – very good blog with the best sides:

  • the blog offers good content

  • the blog is run by professionals

  • it is open for contributors

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