It has always been an imperative to serve cheese plate between main course and desert paired with a glass of wine. But Xavier Thuret has recently started to employ totally opposite style. From now on in the best French restaurants they serve cheese either before the dinner as an entre of after the main course but paired with whiskey.

Below are some very fashionable combinations:

  • 12 year old Glenfiddich with Burgundy goat cheese; 

  • 1984 Jura with Salers de haute Montagne from Central France; 

  • Kavalan whiskey from Taiwan with Roquefort; 

  • Jack Daniel’s with Appenzeller from Switzerland.


Old school chefs and sommeliers naturally don’t praise this novation, but the  younger generation liked this style. By the way, in English speaking countries cheese paired with whiskey has already been fairly popular. Some marginals even combine cheese and beer…


But not in France, The wine world is closed there, and innovations like this will hardly be excepted soon.

Among other popular combinations:

  1. A respectable goat cheese Crottin de chavignol and  the Aberlour 12-year-old. Aged in cherry and oak barrels Aberlour brings the aromas of sweet raisins which will definitely add colors to Crottin.

  2. Scapa Skiren, the Orkney Island Scotch, makes a great pair to aged Comte underlying its saltiness  and earthy character.

  3. Roquefort I mentioned above will also be a great pair to unique 18-year-old GlenDronach Allardice aged in Oloroso casks with its  chocolate flavor.

  4. Almost liquid  Mont d'Or goes pergectly with floral Royal Lochnaggar. The pair is elegant and light.

  5. 10-year old Laphroaig is going to be a great pair to any smoky cheese. Contrary to the previous combination this one is totally musculine - a tough guy. 

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