Practical outcome: what will you know

  • what names to look for searching for best Rhone wines

  • what means Syrah for Rhone winenmakers

  • do whites from Northern Rhone worth your attentionrld

So why Northern Rhone is so special?


  • Rhone reds are the best Syrah in the world.

  • White wines the world's best Viogner.

  • There’re unique whites produced from Marsanne and Rousanne blend.


That’s all concerning grape varieties. Not a lot, but each one is very serious. Also there’re many details making Northern Rhone absolutely special.


Let’s cover some of them.

First – an important – #we have to have in mind that wines of Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages are all about Southern Rhone, not Northern.

​There’re not so many appellations in Northern part, but each of them has its features.

​You’ll find in Cote Rotie brilliant reds and unique landscape. Try to find Chateau Grillet wines in stores or in restaurants and you will fail – it produces gourgeous Viognier but the quantity is very small (and the prices are very high).

Hermitage – in addition to magnificent Syrah wines – has the history so deep and mysterious that the very stories about crusaders and cathars are able to make you slightly drunk.

St. Joseph and Cornas are located side by side but their reds differ as if they were produced on different planets. Or in one family – St. Josephs are soft and silky and the ones from Cornas are brutal and tannic.

There’s also St. Peray and its beautiful sparkling wines from tiny estates and Clairette de Die where they produce two great white styles from Clairette and sweet Muscat.

Rhone wines are very inspiring. They worth tasting lots of them. And as any great wines they demand respect.

The best way I may recommend is to get to know each appellation features and try its wines. Then move to another and do it this way until you feel you know something about this legendary vineyard.​

I mean - if you’re really interested in wine - Rhone Valley, especially its Northern part, must be among the lands you know well. To my taste only Burgundy may compete with it.


  • all Northern Rhone appllations  - with no exception - produce upscale wines

  • Syrah is a king of Northern Rhone, the greatest wines produced with 100% Syrah

  • there are magnificent white wines made with Viognier and Roussane grape varieties

Rhone Valley wines, grapes, appellations. Wine Folly infographics, famous Grand Cru, what differs from Bordeaux wines. The best pair for freat Rhone reds from Cote-rotie and Hermitage, and great white wine from Condrieux or Saint-Peray

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