May 12 Wine Reading

My regular 'Wine Reading Hour' 

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Bladder Cancer Risk (

"The Mediterranean diet is associated with many health benefits, including protection against heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and even depression. Many wine drinkers are also fans because the diet includes moderate wine consumption. Now, a new report published in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that the diet might also help reduce the risk of bladder cancer"

Mom Reigns with Wines from Castello di Amorosa (

"As you may expect, Mother’s Day is traditionally set aside as the day during which all mothers are honored, lauded and considered the Queen of Everything. When my own daughters were small, they knew that this day was considered “family time.” This meant, among other things, that this mama avoided all daily duties and stayed out of the kitchen except to choose the wine(s)!"

France's Orphan Wine Region Grows Up (

"First, let's tip our cap to Costières de Nîmes growers for having the most organically grown vines in the Rhône Valley: fully 22 percent in 2018, more than double that of the next-greenest region, and about five percent more are officially in transition."

10 great things to do in Bordeaux (

"Bordeaux used to have a reputation for being a bit grubby. It’s hard to believe as you wander its streets of honey-coloured buildings. But, if you head to the 17th century Church of Notre Dame (modelled after the Church of Gesú in Rome), stand facing it and look to your left. You’ll see a tea room and in between the church and the tea room is a narrow alley. Look at the walls there, you’ll see what colour Bordeaux was before the big clean up began in 1995 and left it the mellow, gleaming blonde stone beauty it is today."

The Origin of Wine (

"Although microbes may have invented alcohol, it was the mammals that mastered it. Usually this meant simply munching on one overripe palm fruit too many—but then there are Indian elephants, which are known to have a hankering for liquor and rice beer."

Find here and in Winester Gourmet Library information about great wines as well as hacks  about how to best pair the wines and food, useful tips and gastronomy combination cards and more.

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