I was in China this week, it was its northern part, cold and windy. I use to be there rather often but the internet is always a problem and I can not get accustomed to it. 
This time I didn't have chances to taste new wines, just enjoys the old ones I know well. And I decided to dedicate this newsletter to best Chinese wines. They worth it...

Oriental call

I want to name Ao Yun first. To my taste, this is absolutely the best Chinese wine.
I like Himalaya and Yunnan and the legend about the way Vitis vinifera came to Yunnan. And the stories about the blue-eyed children born in lost Yunnan villages.
So I may well be mesmerized by this. But wine is really great. To find more information you can check this great article on meininger.de or visit its official site


Next,  I would place two wineries -  Grace Vineyard from Shanxi province and Silver Heights from Ningxia. Both are fairly known to wine lovers, but still not the extent they deserve. You can check their websites by clicking the pictures. Also, the wineries well described in Decanter China.

Top of the theme: pairing wine and Chineses cuisine

This is really is a very difficult issue - to combine two different universes. Frankly speaking, it's not a lot of correct pairing suggestions in the entire blogosphere. But from time to time fairly decent (and serious) pairing are being suggested. Like the one, I have recently found in  Fiona Beckett's blog.

More on China

There are, of course, much more. Below are some headlines to start with. The very headlines show how vast - literally and metaphorically-  is the China wine theme.

Chinese wine regions
Marselan: The future ‘signature’ grape of China
A new wine superpower?
China Finds California Wine Pairs Well With a Trade War
How Wine Conquered the World

By the way, in every turn of this vast theme, there's something really jaw-dropping. Like Chateau on this picture. No, it's not Burgundy, it's 30 minutes ride from Beijing. Not the best wine, but they're improving.

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