Gourmet cuisine - Shrimp Tartare and Vinho verde

Selecting wine to match a gourmet food

Acknowledgement: a goal of the posts published in 'Selecting wine to match a gourmet food'  chapter is not to show a step-by-step gourmet dish recipe but instead to give an understanding of the process of defining of core characteristics of the dishes and to suggest ways to properly pair these dishes with wine.

To make it we’ll take deep water shrimp, it has a pronounced sweetish taste. 

Shrimp is cut, then we add white pepper and salt. To enhance the flavor and taste we also add shrimp oil.
Tartar is served with ricotta cream, buckthorn sorbet, and red caviar.

On oenogastonomic diagram there’s a regular equilateral triangle which means that we have a  perfect ingredients balance in this dish - ricotta and shrimp are responsible for ‘Sweetish-Greasiness’ side and for ‘Oiliness’ side as well while red caviar, buckthorn sorbet and shrimp oil cover ‘Aromatic and Spiciness’ direction.


Looking for the best pair for a harmoniously balanced dish like you want to choose from delicate wines with a light body and a low aroma profile.


My pick is Vinho Verde Anselmo Mendes 'Parcela Unica' 2016.

The wine


The wine is 100% Alvarinho, aged in French oaks for 9 months. 2016 was the first time Anselmo Mendes ages Parcela Unica line in oak. This added to wine toasty notes. These notes along with typical Alvarinho features make Parcela Unica 2018 similar to fresh white Burgundy. The wine is pure and concentrated, its clean acidity light a fruit aroma greatly.


Anselmo Mendes began producing wine with Alvarinho grapes in 1998, in Monção and Melgaço. The winery in the Minho Valley is a place for experimentation and research, where Anselmo Mendes passion for the wine and the region takes shape and flavor. It is a place of reinvention, making each wine an expression of the land at its most sublime, a cultural trait, a mark of character.


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