Gourmet cuisine - Halibut and potato gnocchi with parmesan foam

Selecting wine to match a gourmet food

Acknowledgement: a goal of the posts published in 'Selecting wine to match a gourmet food'  chapter is not to show a step-by-step gourmet dish recipe but instead to give an understanding of the process of defining of core characteristics of the dishes and to suggest ways to properly pair these dishes with wine.

To cook this dish we’ll need a fish of maximum freshness, so the best way to look for a halibut caught by a  longline fishing method. This method – being the most careful - not only guarantees but also ensures the light color of the meat, its delicate, slightly greasy texture and good density.

Fillet of halibut is fried on the side of the skin and then cooked in the oven until ready. Potato gnocchi is boiled and fried in butter. The dish complements with the fresh dill sauce. As a final feature, we add a light Parmesan foam, which harmonizes the components and enhances the dish with the taste of umami.

On a Mercadini enogastronomic chart we will have a "flattened" triangle with a short Salt-Acidity-Spiciness side vector, an average Succulence-Oiliness side and an extended Sweetish-Greasiness tendency.

Basing on this we can make a conclusion that the ideal pair for this halibut is going to be a light or medium body low alcohol wine, maximally dry, with the fresh and mineral aroma, with no sweet or perfumed notes.

I suggest to try 2017 Colli Irpini Montesole Greco di Tufo.

The wine


Montesole Greco di Tufo is a complex, well-structured wine, it successfully embodies the traditional taste of Greco. This unique authentic wine has become a visiting card enriches the Montesole collection annually. It presents both the aristocracy of Irpinia and the wealth of winemaking traditions of this land.

Vinification involves cold maceration, soft pressing and further fermentation at a controlled temperature. Wine is aged for 2 months in stainless steel tanks and another month in bottles.

Montesole is the most popular brand of Colli Irpini. The company was established in 1990. The farm is located on the border of two Campania great vineries - Irpinia and Sannio. Vineyards spread out on soils rich in volcanic rocks. From the very beginning, the mission of a company was to study the local grape varieties and winemaking traditions in order to fully unlock their potential. Colli Irpini management strives to continuously improve the quality:  the winery has its own laboratory and is recently equipped with a new wine shop and cellar.  Its logo is symbolic also - the vine and the leaves identify the wealth of the land and the diligence of winemakers working there for centuries, the Sun symbolizes the favorable climate and the bounty of nature, the moon and the stars indicate a soft and clear night, allowing the grapes to ripen and strengthen.


Pairing food and wine, gourmet chef secrets to cook a stylish delicate halibut and pair with upscale wine. A must info for gourmet geeks. For more answers check Selecting wine to match a gourmet food chapter and in Gourmet Library  

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