Eclair au chocolat - Maury

Maury's vins doux naturels are produced predominantly from the Grenache, they are made in a very similar style to the sweet wines of Banyuls. The wines come in red, rosé and white variants, with the color resulting from the exacting winemaking techniques that are employed. In their youth, these wines are tannic and intensely fruity, but they become more savory and deeply colored as they age.

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Soleil levant - Alsace Vendange Tardive

In Alsace key variations in wine styles are marked by their residual sugar levels. In 1983, the official term Vendanges Tardives  was introduced to define and categorize sweet Alsace wines. 

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Tartalette au citron - Coteaux du Layon

Coteaux du Layon is the largest of the sweet-wine appellations in the Loire Valley's Anjou district. A small number of communes have been identified as the source of particularly fine sweet wines. As a result, they have earned either their own independent appellations or the right to append their village names as a part of the appellation title.

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Millefeuille caramelise - Cadillac

Cadillac is a village known for its sweet, botrytized white wines. It is situated on the north bank of the Garonne river, just north of Loupiac and opposite Cerons, two other sweet-wine specialists.  The sweet wines produced from Cadillac's botrytized grapes are naturally high in flavor and concentrated sugars, and have long been regarded among Bordeaux' better sweet wines. 

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Figue - Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise

Beaumes-de-Venise is located just south of the Gigondas appellation in Southern Rhone, the three villages are separated by the jagged Dentelles de Montmirail foothills. It is on the slopes of this outcrop that some of the better Beaumes-de-Venise vineyards are found. Facing south and south-east, these benefit from excellent exposure to sunlight throughout the day, encouraging maximum phenolic ripeness. 

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Tartelette aux fraises des bois - Barsac

The typical Barsac wine has an intense golden color in its youth, which develops into deep amber over years and decades. It offers blossom-like aromas and notes of stone fruit with a hint of honeysuckle – the trademark of botrytized wines. The best wines balance sweetness with acidity, concentration with freshness, and power with elegance.

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Noumea - Champagne Doux

Champagne Doux is the term used to denote the very sweetest of Champagnes, with more than 50 grams of residual sugar per liter of wine. This style was once very popular, not only because sugar is naturally appealing to the human palate, but also because sweet Champagne is easier to make than dry. But nowadays, with wine fashion moving towards drier styles, sweet doux Champagnes are increasingly rare.

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Barquette aux marrons –-- Muscat de Lunel

Muscat de Lunel is an appellation for the vin doux naturel wines of the town of Lunel at the eastern edge of the Languedoc region. These wines are made from one of the many varieties of Muscat grapes -  Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains.

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Paris-Brest - Quarts de Chaume

Quarts de Chaume is a highly respected sweet white wine appellation. Quarts de Chaume wines are made exclusively from Chenin Blanc, known here as Pineau de la Loire. Now the appellation is one of the Loire's most famous titles, ranking amongst the most sought-after names in France's portfolio of sweet wines. 

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Pont-Neuf - Muscat de Mireval

Muscat de Mireval is a small appellation for sweet, golden vins doux naturels made from the Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains grape variety. 

Muscat de Mireval wines are rarely seen outside France and production is dominated by a single co-operative.

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