When I started working on this post I first discovered a series of food blogs concerning India recipes. Their authors use to exchange notes and comments and cover similar topics so I was going to review them all in one article.

But the very first blog I started to research would change this idea. It’s so interesting and contains so many bites of unique information that it definitely worth being covered solely.

Mayuri Patel writes to blog named Mayuri's Jikoni.

There’re lots of recipes from India cuisine in Mayuri’s blog, though in fact she is from Kenya and there’re some rare Kenyan recipes as well. She tells about herself in details in About section, this, be the way, is interesting too.

The blog is exclusively dedicated  to food and recipes. There’s a main menu in the header though it’s not that easy to find the ground looking at it – too many sections’ names. Another way to check the contents is to use Recipe Index section where they are organized by themes and geography and give an easier opportunity to navigate.

The quantity of recipes is really overwhelming, there’s everything from main courses and soups to sweets to drinks and spices. I personally liked the subsections concerning all the range of Indian foods.

As for the quality of posts are just great, lots of pictures, they all are of a perfect quality. The ingredients parts and step by step descriptions are clear – at least in the posts where I tried to imagine the process. What I like – the quality of the posts with the recipes is getting better as times goes by - pictures in very recent posts are getting almost professional.

Definitely the great feature of Myuri’s blog is that in the beginning of almost every post she tells a short story which gives a chance to get to know some really unique stuff about her experience, the other countries’ habits and so on.

Blog has account in all popular socials networks which play supporting role. It’s possible to reach the owner using the Contact section or via comments after each post.

My general impression – beyond praise.

If Mayuri will slightly improve the main menu her blog is gonna be perfect.

** Jikoni means ‘Kitchen’ in Kiswahili


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