This was the Valentine’s day week. So many ideas about what to eat, what to drink and how to surprise the loved ones. For this reason it was real fun and pleasure to review blogs this week.

1.  As usual  I tried not to miss a great hashtags #WinePW and #Winophiles. My good friend Cindy Rynning introduced me to this.  Recently #WinePW covered the topic concerning pairing food and the wines from Uruguay. Lots of interesting facts and ideas, some fairly surprising like the tasting notes of Uruguayan CabFranc in Wendy Klik blog.

2. #Winophiles articles were about Bandol, and I would especially recommend an in-depth post ‘With love from Provence’ by Gwendolyn Alley. It covers more than just Bandol and really worth reading.

3. To continue Provence theme – I can assure that a Facebook reports of @Provence WinZine is gonna be of a great interest.


And the pictures from Susan reports is just awesome. Trully Van Gogh's colors... 

4. ‘The greatest thing about wine is that just when you think you know everything, someone comes along and shatters that complacent vision to smithereens’.

A story by Simon О Woolf about Chilean winemaker Roberto Henriquez and his  efforts to revive Chilean pipeno tradition.

5. David in his blog Cooking Chat tells a story of winemaking in … Vermont – the topic may the first to mention in any ‘Off the beaten tracks’ column.

6. ‘To make wine, we need grapes, right? Every region in Italy has its own, unique. Salice Salentino is no exception – Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera (Black Malvasia, a red grape which is a sibling of the well known aromatic white grape, Malvasia), and Primitivo are three of the autochthonous grapes in that area’

An article of another rarely mentioned region in Talk-A-Vino Blog.

7. Giovanna Caravetta has written a very in-depth article in Laura Donadoni blog ‘The Italian wine girl’.  It is called ‘Nice labels, lack of wine education, interest for food pairing: welcome to the Millennials’ wine era’. The title speaks for itself – lots of  charts, current trends, etc.

8. ‘Over the years, several Minnesotans heeded the call west in search of the finest grapes to make wine, and staked their claim in the sparse hillside soils of the Willamette’ – it’s from the article in WagonWine blog ‘Minnesotans Staking Claim in Oregon’s Famed Pinot Noir Region’. And what I liked the most were some pics – these fog hollows reminded mу of Piedmont landscapes and I caught myself on expecting heavy mentionings of Nebbiolo…

9. ‘Taste the unknown: Lukasi – Usakhelauri 2015’ – a recent post in Miguel Hudin blog dedicated to Georgian wines. Those accustomed to some unusual names after his post about  Crljenak Kaštelanski , will take Lukasi – Usakhelauri easily…

10. Finally, I could not fail to mention just one of millions Valentine’s days recipes. It is out of romantic seafood diner section titled ‘Vodka Oyster’. And it looks just great. Cheers!

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