Working on my anglo-japanese project I’ve read lots of blogs this week.

First of all, I have to admit that it brings me great pleasure – I have found lots of interesting articles about regional wines, and also great – sometimes unexpected - approaches to the issue of pairing wine and food. As well as wine and food enthusiasts. It is a separate pleasure to exchange ideas with them.  More than that I started to set my list of  ‘can’t-be-missed’ blogs. So I’m gonna start this short review with these blogs posts.

1. Yesterday we exchange thoughts about wine selections presented in a great article about comparing Syrah with Syrah and paring both with excellent food.

I have been watching the Provence WineZine for some time and feel how Susan and the guys love wine and actually admire what they do.  

2. Cellar Tours actually is a large company involved in wine travel business, but I was really surprised with the quality if their wine related posts and with how useful for ordinary wine lover such posts might be. For instance, this post about buying the wine in Bordeaux.

3. Michelle Williams is a very well known wine blogger, her last article about Riesling from Napa impressed me a lot.

4. For those working on trying to best pair the wine and food this short review “Do American love food” in Edible Arts blog might seem interesting.

5. Happy wine women Simone Madden-Grey tells the story about Grenache, Roussanne and Nebbiolo and their attempts to conquer Australia.

6. Simon J Woolf  in his blog Morning Claret presents facts  about Slovenia valley Vipava and its queen – white grape variety Rebula.

Which – as far as I’m aware - is good known though in very narrow circles and is definitely deserves more attention.

7. China wines and wine industry is one of the themes I may call myself an expert and I know it is  not so easy to find some serious info about it. Finally I found one – an article by Matt Walls

8. Juel in her blog Wine woman song makes a research of organic wine issues on the eve of Millésime Bio wine fair.


9. And finally – I could not miss the Drunken Cyclist tasting notes of some wines from new Zealand’s Villa Maria.

Have a good time!

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