After a process of selection of the grapes and tasting Francis Ford Coppola Winery presents two personalized wines for the Oscars 2019 with animated labels. These wines were specially produced for this ceremony, they  reflect the climate and the terroir of the area where the vineyards are located.


The elegant Sofía Rosé, named in honor of the acclaimed director Sofía Coppola, was selected for the program, as well as the Director's Cut Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and Francis Coppola Reserve Pinot Noir.


"These personalized wines are a tribute to the love of Francis Ford Coppola for film and wine," says Corey Beck, CEO and Head of Wineries at The Family Coppola. "Francis took a risk 40 years ago and bought a house in a wine country where he started making wine. It seems appropriate that we take advantage of their passion and bottled the Oscars 2019 wines with our revolutionary label that took five years to develop. With a moving Zoetrope, the grapes come from Francis' estate and the impeccable Dutton Ranch in Sonoma County, both beautiful wines to celebrate Oscars!


The Final Cut - 91 Edition Rutherford 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine with a complex presence and character, soft tannins and fragrant oak that frames seductive impressions of red cherry, plum, leather, cloves and tabaco. It opens with black fruits with notes of vanilla and baking spices 


The Final Cut - 91 Edition Russian River Valley 2017 Chardonnay offers vibrant aromas of pineapple, melon, kumquat and cloves. Full-bodied and broad on the palate, the exuberant flavors of apple wine, lemon cream, cinnamon and vanilla and smoked bourbon vanilla cookies accumulate before finding a crescendo of crunchy mineral notes in the end. This Chardonnay is a single-vineyard bottling of Dutton Hill Vineyard in Sonoma County, located in the Russian River Valley that is located in the warmest part of the denomination, an area known for producing Chardonnay with expressive tropical tones.



This collection of Francis Ford Coppola Winery custom wines will take the stage through a series of events leading up to the big night. In total, the Francis Ford Coppola winery is expected to serve more than 2,400 bottles of wine, reaching more than 14,000 glasses.


The article published in Sobrelias , translated from  Spanish





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