Among 40 Premier Cru vineyards in Chablis 17 are called “porte-drapeau” - “bannermen”.


These 17 Crus are the most outstanding and most expensive Chablis Premier Cru, actually, they take a kind of intermediate position between the other  23  Premier Cru vineyards and the Chablis Grand Cru.


Each of the 17 climates has an individual, recognizable style, but among them - in turn - there are eight most famous and stable Crus which are often mentioned in one row with Grand Crus. They deserve to be named and given special attention.

• Beauroy – The most charming Premier Cru

Located on the left bank of Serein. The wines are refined, they are mineral yet fruity.


• Côte de Léchet - The Most Fragrant Premier Cru

This climate is also located on the left bank of the of Serein, this is one of the oldest vineyards in Chablis, it used to belong to the monks of Pontini Abbey. It has a special grace and intense floral aroma.


• Fourchaume – The Most Majestic Premier Cru

Located on the right bank just meters from Le Prez  Grand Cru. Wines are even more fruity than the ones from Beauroy, but they are much more dense and complex.


• Mont de Milieu

Located on the right back as well. A steep slope and proximity to the vineyards of the Grand Cru give wines depth and special energy. Mont de Milieu is often compared to a compressed spring that carries a lot of latent energy - the wine literally pulsates in the mouth…



• Montée de Tonnerre - The most gastronomic Premier Cru

It’s the right bank of Serein, located on the border with Blanchaux Grand Cru – just a narrow ravine separates these two remarkable climates. In Montée de Tonnerre the record number of chalk prints of prehistoric sea creatures was found. He has charming minerality, young wines are sometimes slightly salty. They make great pairs with the most elegant seafood.


• Montmains - The most generous Premier Cru

Located on the left bank, many believe that this climate has the best geology on the left bank. The vineyard is extensive and its individual areas vary in quality, but in general, Montmains wines always have good structure, richness, density and nut dominancy in flavor.


• Vaillons – The ripest Premier Cru

Situated on the left bank. Due to great exposure, this cru receives more sunlight and heat than others. "Sunny Vaillons" is the ripe fruit multiplied by dizzy minerality and oriental spices.


• Vaucoupin - The most difficult Premier Cru

This right bank climate has a complex topography due to which it has its title. Its western part looks directly to the south, while eastern slope is rounded off by a large amphitheater from south to north. Wines can be very different, but chalky minerality and a good body remain their typical features.


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