Wine Review: Gravner Ribolla White Wine Venezia Giulia 2008

"Orange wine has the potential to be great if handled with care. If you’re unfamiliar with orange wines or have had a bad experience with some of the clumsy examples on the market, this is the one to try".


I would like to add that Josko Granvner is extremely famous now – becauase of the exceptional quality of his wines and because of his approach to winemaking.  Here’s his website


The Best Wine Vintages to Drink in 2019

Trying to decide whether a wine vintage is in its peak drinking window, needs to be aged longer or is past its prime can feel like a bit of a guessing game. Well, guess no further. Here is your cheat sheet to vintages from wine regions around the world that are currently at their best. Keep it handy to reference next time you’re deciding whether to pull a bottle from your cellar or are just looking for the best year’s bottle to buy from your local wine shop. 


What Happens to the Leftover Caviar Potatoes from the Oscars?

After this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, the stars attending the Governors Ball will be greeted by bountiful presentations of oysters, multiple Jamon Iberico legs, 24-karat gold covered chocolate Oscars and uni with eggless custard, dashi, unagi glaze, and bright little bursts of finger lime.
Around 200 chefs and 850 service and support staff will pass food to 1,500 guests, offering some of the most expensive ingredients in the world, including 15 kilos caviar, 35 pounds of black truffles from Burgundy, and 240 kilos of Miyazaki wagyu beef. The latter is so rare only 18,000 of the 28,000 Japanese Black cattle handled by JA Miyazaki meet the criteria to get the moniker


Rockford Wines: What’s Old is New Again

Entrepreneurs have one common trait: an unwavering belief in their vision despite the odds and the naysayers. Rockford Wines was started with no money, no customers, and no reputation…just a dream. A tough way to start a winery in the Barossa Valley in the mid 1980’s when the industry was in such poor shape, the government was paying people to pull vines and use the land for pasture! Thirty-five years later, Rockford stands as a testament to one man’s determined focus combined with a steadfast refusal to compromise on his core values.


“It Starts With Wine”

Wine Enthusiast and their new series, “It Starts With Wine” took “talking around wine” into account when setting about to create these episodes. Each of them pairs a winemaker with a chef, letting each of them talk about how they came to their point in life, thus, a pairing of wine and food, filmed.



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