Wine Travel Ideas: How about a night in a Wine-Barrel?

Some of us love wine so much, we dream about swimming around in a barrel full of the stuff. And while that fantasy is highly unsanitary and probably a little dangerous (try a bathtub instead), certain wine-minded holiday-spot proprietors are offering an alternative that's just as immersive: wine-barrel hotel rooms.

The wine tourism trend has been popping up around the world: In the village of Cambres, in Portugal's Douro Valley, Quinta da Pacheca winery added 10 giant wine barrels to its on-premises lodging offerings in 2017. Each barrel room is outfitted with a double bed, a full bathroom, and a private terrace, and plopped among the quinta's vines.


Wine Contacts: Oregon Wine Trail Comes to New York for One-day

The Oregon Wine Board is bringing 60 of its most esteemed winemakers and a generous pour of Oregon's fine wine to New York on May 6, 2019 for The Oregon Wine Trail. Oregon grew eight times faster than the overall wine category in dollar sales for 2018, it is hosting this all day event at the Altman Building on 18th street. Included will be a Masterclass for the trade, a walk-around wine tasting for both media and trade and a consumer wine tasting in the evening.
Along with Oregon winemakers, Oregon artisan producers Olympia Provisions, Jacobsen Salt Co., Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the Oregon Cheese Guild and more will be on hand for a grand happening of Oregonian wine, food and personality.


Wine Events; Flashback Friday: OTBN 2010 Revisited

"The premise of OTBN is that wine is different — or maybe that we are different when it comes to wine.  Americans are famously interested in instant gratification — we want what we want when we want it. That’s one reason the U.S. saving rate is sometimes a negative number. Can’t wait — gotta have it now. That’s our typical consumption profile".


Wine Sales: Wineries Need Better Customer Experience

".. a 14 percent conversion rate of visitors to wine club members at wineries is the national average. What is more, he noted, that six percent of total wine sales come from the valuable direct-to-consumer channel, which is much more lucrative than traditional wine retail and restaurant sales methods for wineries".


Wine History: Mondeuse: The Ghost of Grapes Past

Mondeuse is likely one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated by the Allobroges—a Gallic tribe that settled the region from the Alps to Vienne and Geneva to Grenoble—before the Roman invasion in the 2nd century BC. Yet despite this history not much is known about its origins. Pliny the Elder and others in the 1st century AD describe a local wine ... which today’s scholars believe to be Mondeuse.



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