Speaking of Herència Altés

... I finally found myself walking up to the front of the strikingly-modern cellar of Herència Altés. Rafael (or Rafa) as everyone calls him started this winery in Terra Alta with his wife, Núria Altés in 2010 when she starting buying grapes from her father as, like many, the family tradition of viticulture was long-lived but the actual making of wine was not.

Kentucky Opens Doors to Wineries

Kentucky has long been one of the most conservative states in terms of its interstate alcohol-shipping laws. For a significant amount of time shipments from wineries in other states into the state of Kentucky have been prohibited.

It’s a Golden Era for French Red Wines

A succession of superb vintages from 2015 to 2017 has produced some of the best red wines in recent decades throughout the southern and northern Rhône. Wine­makers and critics will be debating for years which vintage reigned supreme. Meanwhile, for consumers, it’s simply an unmissable opportunity to drink up.

The kingdom of the blind

Most wine professionals have a story of when they faced a blind tasting, a well-worn tale of olfactory deduction that would have Sherlock Holmes slack-jawed in amazement. It inevitably concludes with a self-deprecating comment along the lines of ‘normally I get it completely wrong of course’ in the hope that the taster can both impress and not come across as a shameless show-off. Blind tasting is not only an entertaining sport; it’s widely accepted as the best way to run major wine competitions and it’s often the way that consumers prefer critics to taste wine. When it comes to wine criticism, however, blind isn’t always best.

South Africa User Survey 2019: Wine Preferences

No surprise Chenin Blanc is the most popular wines, but Pinotage was not ranked second...

The Most Popular Food & Drink Holiday in Every State

What primarily drives these events is how much people actually participate in them? Which food and drink holidays do Americans get behind? Which of these days are most popular in different states?
Experts at Simple. Thrifty. Living. decided to try to sort this information out for themselves. Looking at Google Trends search interest data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, they created a list of the “most popular” food and drink holiday across the United States. 

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