Direct Sales Winners and Losers

In the US, wineries are increasingly shipping direct to consumer.

Different attitudes to the DtC model are splitting the industry into different markets.


How Many Simultaneous Aromas Can We Detect in a Wine?

The research results that raises obvious difficulties for wine tasting notes that mention seven or eight aroma descriptors.


Deconstructing Rosé: Simplicity is Complicated

Here in France, restaurant wine lists now have a separate rosé section. And this is not confined to Provence … The world seems to have gone pink, perhaps one small sign of an increasing desire for simplicity when we sit down to eat and drink.


Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Chat with John Benish of Benessere Vineyards

John Benish was a man with vision, intelligence, humor and a thoughtful, kind presence. I loved our conversations. His legacy will certainly linger thanks to a firm foundation built at home, at work in Chicago, and at Benessere Vineyards.


Dans le vignoble bordelais, c'est "wait and see" avant le Brexit - In Bordeaux vineyards it's "wait and see" on Brexit eve 

Some French wine producers are struggling to have their production sent to Britain by March 29, in case there is no agreement on Brexit (see article translation here)


A big surprise: Rålund, wine made from blueberries

Summing up  I must give big kudos to the energetic entrepreneurs who have gone all the way and actually reached the goal. The bottles are now available in wine stores, exports are increasing and the enthusiasts in the winery are turning into winemakers with growing experience. Production will continue to improve and how the wines will develop with age will be exciting to discover. Oak vats have been ordered which will be used for a new cuvée.

It’s delicious, it’s fun and it’s different.


The new faces of Ribera del Duero 

Accomplished winemakers with ample experience in Vega Sicilia, Ribera del Duero’s most legendary winery, are clearly capable of producing outstanding wines to rival the area’s top reds, but what’s most interesting for us is the style and the blend behind them.

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